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It starts with a seed.
What does it take to grow from a tiny seed to a towering tree? A handful of grain to a field of wheat?
Seeds must be planted, tended to, and nourished. The seed of an idea - the idea of education - must
grow until it is able to perform the vital function of preparing us to understand the whole process of life.
And life is more than merely an occupation or a job; life is something extraordinarily wide and profound.
How does this tiny seed of an idea grow until its roots and branches can fulfill this amazing function? We
believe it takes more than a classroom to truly educate our children for life. Our branches are
experience and intelligence. Our roots are reflection and critical thinking. And this takes us to
innovation, so that we will continue to grow and to thrive; so that we can appreciate and contribute in
meaningful and powerful ways to life. How do we do this? By planting seeds.

Seedlings in Pots

Our Philosophy

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NHCS Guiding Principles

At New Humble Community School, we believe:
- students can use the lens of agriculture, stewardship, and experiential learning to make meaningful connections that lead to success in education and in all areas of life;
- all students can maximize their diverse abilities and gifts in through this comprehensive and specialized approach;
- teachers with an understanding of agricultural literacy are informed about the complexity and interconnectedness of learning and teaching.
- teachers will develop and encourage respect, empathy, reciprocity, and cooperation.
- parents, guardians, and community members are integral partners in children's education and all have a role to play in this unique and vibrant school.
- school administration should monitor and implement the growing weight of evidence about the positive impact of learning outdoors;
- our students will develop the skills, resilience, and values to ensure that they grow to be accountable and contributing citizens of local and global communities.

Alberta Public Charter Schools explained in 4 minutes!

Watch this four minute video to learn more about Alberta Public Charter Schools!

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