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NHCS 7-12 Waitlist

Find out more about the 7-12 waitlist and what it means for NHCS!

School is Such a Chore!

Agriculture as a Lens for Enhancing Learning and Life Skills Research Partnerships Program Interim Report: Executive Summary.

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It starts with a seed.
What does it take to grow from a tiny seed to a towering tree? A handful of grain to a field of wheat?
Seeds must be planted, tended to, and nourished. The seed of an idea - the idea of education - must
grow until it is able to perform the vital function of preparing us to understand the whole process of life.
And life is more than merely an occupation or a job; life is something extraordinarily wide and profound.
How does this tiny seed of an idea grow until its roots and branches can fulfill this amazing function? We
believe it takes more than a classroom to truly educate our children for life. Our branches are
experience and intelligence. Our roots are reflection and critical thinking. And this takes us to
innovation, so that we will continue to grow and to thrive; so that we can appreciate and contribute in
meaningful and powerful ways to life. How do we do this? By planting seeds.

Seedlings in Pots

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